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Through early exposure to STEM activities, materials, and mentors, we are on a mission to combat the underrepresentation of ethnic minorities and women in STEM fields.

However, we can not do it alone.

About the Positions

We call on any interested high school students to apply for any of the following positions:

Website Manager

The Website Manager works to maintain the STEMout desktop and mobile site and publicize program activities. The manager creates pages, uploads photos, and constructs detailed descriptions for the site following each meeting.


Video Editor

The Videographer/Video Editor work to capture videos for the STEMout Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, Youtube, and Website. The Videographer will reside at meetings and is expected to be comfortable engaging with students and being involved in meeting activities.


The Photographer is responsible for taking clear dynamic photos that capture meeting activities. Our media represents and showcases our brand. The work done by the photographer is vital in broadcasting exactly how we strive to advance the STEMout mission. The Photographer will reside at meetings and is expected to be comfortable engaging with students and being involved in meeting activities.

Social Media Executive

The Social Media Executive administers the STEMout Instagram. They are responsible for creating graphics and captions that are cohesive with the current STEMout aesthetic and image.

STEMout Officer

The STEMout Officer is responsible for planning meetings and creating informative presentations that touch on STEM concepts. The officers direct official meetings with the students. They are also expected to be charismatic and comfortable engaging and presenting to a large number of primary school students.

About the Applications

Do I need to submit a resume?

A resume is not required but can be utilized to establish more credibility for an applicant. 

Why do we ask for race?

A pillar of our approach involves representation. Representation matters; it is important that minority students have role models that share their identities. That being said, although our programs target black and brown students, we do not require that our executive board members are black and brown. It is vital that the race of each and every one of our board members is recognized and that they understand where it does play a part however, we seek qualified and passionate candidates–race put aside. 

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