Our Team

The passionate leaders dedicated to creating opportunities for the underrepresented


Astred Ngnepieba

Executive Director

Astred is a senior in the IB Program at James S. Rickards High School. As an African-American woman, Astred has had a unique experience to both racial and sex disparities. Whether it be due to school or extracurricular involvements, she has had to recognize that the intersectionality of both race and gender affects educational experiences for black female students. Lack of opportunities and specific attention towards these students in primary and secondary education are no doubt factors that contribute to women of color being absent from STEM professions. With STEM Out, she strives to make it a priority that black students push to never accept societal beliefs that blame disparities in math and science on racial or gender inferiorities. 

Jake Edwards


Jake is a junior in the IB Program at James S. Rickards High School. Jake grew up wanting to be an engineer. He had exposure to STEM-related topics all around him, which is what really inspired him to want to become an engineer. Not everyone gets this same exposure. He strives to give students these opportunities so they can be inspired the same way he was. Numerous kids have huge dreams that are shot down by lack of access to firsthand experiences and exposure to STEM. With STEM Out, he wants to combat these things so kids can truly believe they can do what they dream. 


Max Ngnepieba


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Max is a Rickards High School graduate who currently attends Stanford University. Max is studying chemistry and conducting research on protein-DNA conjugates in the Bertozzi Lab 


Brantley Gibson

Co-President & Photographer

Brantley is a junior in the IB program at James S. Rickards High School. Brantley has noticed the increase in STEM-related occupations and programs throughout his lifetime and recognizes that it is important to expand the accessibility of STEM to as many groups and demographics as possible. Programs centered around youth in low-income areas can have a very large impact on the future of our society as they inspire the youth and expose them to new opportunities. Being a part of the STEM Out program allows him to use his personal skills and blessings to assist in guiding the youth that will eventually become the leaders of the future. 


Kenny Greene

Former Co-President

Kenny is a Chiles High School graduate, who currently attends the University of Central Florida. Kenny is studying Mechanical Engineering in addition to working with the NEXT Models Miami Modeling agency